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Welcome to Ken's page. If you like what you see (and read), why not send me an email

B6 f++ w d++ g+ k+ s-- r+
Palm Springs, CA United States
I am 51 years old
My Zodiac sign is: Aquarius
Relationship Status: Monogamous Relationship
Sexual Preference: Top only
HIV Status: Tested negative

About me:
I am amazed, that as I head past my 51st, that my fur coat still keeps growing heavier. It covers my back all the way to my butt, my shoulders, chest, and arms very heavily. In a few years, finding skin without hair on it may be the hard part. I stand 5'8" tall and not too long ago peaked at 202 pounds. (A result of my marriage to a good cook and being a good cook myself!) I have managed to get my fat butt back down to about 185 and have set a goal to get back down around 175.

Regarding my educational background, I majored in Music when in College, and minored in Law. I was trained in classical piano, classical organ, and harpsichord. When the "delusions" of earning a living in classical music were over, I earned a living playing piano and Hammond Organ in nightclubs, lounges, and restaurants, and even did a stint on one of my favorite things, the theater pipe organ. My days at the "Mighty WurliTzer" will always be some of my most treasured.

Still trying for semi-retirement over in New Mexico, and have encountered every snag possible trying to remodel the present home trying to up the value and rent before the lease out.

Looking forward to a career change in semi-retirement and new adventures ahead.

There are a couple of books on earning a living in the music field and a couple of technical books on the history of electronic organs in the works, but I will not get these finished it appears until after the move has been completed. 

What I am looking for:
Found my Life-Partner and soul-mate Shawn (Desert Wolf) here on Bear Net almost 5 years ago. We have been happily "Partnered" for years now, and it was definitely the right thing for both of us. It seems we actually both managed by miracle to "get it right".

I must also add that there is great humor in domestic life. The day to day work required in a great relationship is balanced by the love and incredible humor of the absurdity of the events that make up our daily lives. In-Laws, Holidays Where? We forgot whose Birthday? Did you remember to write a check to. . . ? All contribute to a more typical "picket-fence" than most would think! As we head towards anniversary number 5, it has been a great deal of fun and there is little doubt that it will remain that way! Shawn and I are monogamous and do not have sexual liasons outside our relationship. The compromises necessary to make "open" relationships work, just don't work for us.

Shawn and I are on Bear Net these days looking for new friends who share our interests, and we are looking to make new friends world wide. We have met Bears from England, Scotland, Canada and many other places and it has been really GREAT!

If you are a New Mexico Bear, we particularly want to hear from you! We want to establish friendships in the Southwestern part of the State. (Our ranch if all proceeds as planned will be near Deming.)


A few final words:
Life and Physics have a great deal in common. You will only get back from it what you are willing to invest in it.

Your friends and your loved ones are the most important and valuable asset and resource you have. Invest wisely in people, and you will be blessed with dividends for life.  

My Partner:

Shawn (Desert-Wolf)
B5 f+ t+ w c s-- e r+
Palm Springs, CA United States
Born in: 1964, I am 39 years old
My Zodiac sign is: Scorpio
Sexual Preference:Mostly Bottom
A gay hairy happily married furvert.
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Contact Information:
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